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Who am I ?

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Jimenes Juliette

I am 20 years old and I am a student in DUT Multimedia and Internet Professions (MMI) at the IUT of Angoulême. This pluridiciplinary formation allowed me to develop many skills in many different sectors but especially to discover a real interest in communication, design and audiovisual fields. Motivated, serious, creative and dynamic, I hope thanks to internships, projects and experience discover more about these worlds that interest me so much and so specify my professional goals.

My skills


Since I was young, I'm passionate about art and graphic design in general, the formation MMI allowed me to develop new skills in this field and to discover a lot of softwares that are essential to me today. Ranging from computer graphics, drawing, to 3D design, I learned to offer many different visuals while developing my creativity.


Having communication skills is essential, it's useful in all environments and even in everyday life. My training allowed me to take an interest in this environment and even to enjoy it. Whether it's in the creation of a communication strategy, in writing articles or in a group project, having a good foundation in communication is fundamental.


Audiovisual is, like graphics, a passion for a long time. This is one of the reasons why I chose the multimedia path, it's a sector where to succeed you have to be passionate, creative and know how to work in a team. During these two years in MMI, I was able to learn how to carry out an audiovisual project from beginning to end, starting with the scenario, until shooting and finishing with editing. So I could discover hardwares and softwares useful in this area. I am also passionate about photography.


Having web skills is also important in the world of work. Thanks to my training I was able to acquire skills in web development and programming. So I learned to use HTML, CSS and Wordpress.

Softwares and languages mastered

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My achievements

Some pictures and videos...

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Not to mention infographics ...

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A little communication ...

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A touch of drawing and a little web design ...

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Contact me

Do you want to know more about my profile? Have you questions ? Do not hesitate to contact me at the addresses below !

icone mailjuliette.jimenes@hotmail.fr ou juliette.jimenes@etu.univ-poitiers.fricone mail

I also have a Linkedin account. Do not hesitate to go take a look !

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